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Toronto Maple Leafs – Canada’s Team

Canada’s Team

The Toronto Maple leafs are Canada’s hockey team.  They have more revenue than any other NHL team and by extrapolation more fans.  The Leafs are in the most populous area of Canada (Southern Ontario), but also have fans across the country.  Toronto has the Hockey Hall of Fame (An attraction which contains hockey memorabilia, including famous gear, interactive games & the Stanley Cup).

Second Most Stanley Cups Wins

The Leafs have the second most Stanley Cups out of any team in the NHL. But this was long ago, last century (20th century).  They have not won  a cup in the 21st century nor made the Stanley Cup finals.  How long can you talk about past success, especially as the years and memories fade?

It stands by reason that when you have 30 teams in the NHL, and 2 teams make the final every year, that each team would make an appearance every fifteen years.  All things being equal of course.  Things are not equal.

Cup Appearances By Canadian Teams in the 21st Century

Ottawa Senators – 2007 made the cup final.

Calgary Flames – 2004 made the cup final.

Vancouver Canucks – 2011 made the cup final.

Edmonton Oilers – 2006 made the cup final.

Winnipeg Jets –  Returned to Winnipeg in 2011.

Montreal Canadiens – No cup appearances in the 21st century.

Toronto Maple Leafs – No cup appearances in the 21st century.

All things being considered, the other Canadian teams (Ottawa, Calgary, Vancouver and Edmonton) have supplied more thrills for their fans in the 21st century.  Only Montreal and Toronto have failed to reach the cup final.   Winnipeg is excluded from this discussion as they have recently returned to the NHL.

State of Leaf Affairs

The Toronto Maple Leafs offer young talent with great upside potential.  If all works out expect good things within the next few years.  I hope for a better future, for I have bleed blue and white for many years….and my children have not had a team of consequence.  It begins anew with youth.

This is another year and my hopes are up….

Three rising stars: