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The Religion of Canada

We huddle in the confines of our temples, worshiping our game, our land, our Queen and our country.

Hockey our religion

Every Saturday night we listen to Donald Cherry and Ron MacLean preach to us about what it is to be a good hockey player and a good Canadian.  They talk about our fallen soldiers and who they leave behind.  They appreciate those who have fallen to protect our great land.  The veterans who have made our country great.  Canada may have existed before Vimy Ridge, but this battle united us…forged us in the heart of war.  The French, the English, the natives became one, we became Canadian.

Ron Mclean and Don Cherry

Canada's Heros

Hockey is more than a game to Canadians, it has become our passion, our religion.  We visit our arenas with reverence, and stand in respect for our anthem.

Leaf Child Flag Carrier










The arenas serve as a place to take our youth, a place of community and a place to see our neighbors.  It is a place that gives us a sense of belonging to something greater.  We are Canadian and our religion is hockey.  Long live Don Cherry, the Queen, Hockey and our great nation.