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SEO for Job Postings

Making Your Job Advertisements Visible To Candidates

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for Job Ads

The other day I was watching a friend of mine search for a new job. She was typing in job titles and locations directly into Google.  She wasn’t going to a job site but rather just using the Google search engine as her job search tool. I was intrigued, I though that job seekers always went directly to employment sites.   I did some research and the search engine approach is becoming more common.   The search engines are directly being scanned instead of the job banks.  This is very interesting from a recruitment point of view, highlighting how important Search Engine Optimized (SEO) is for each job advertisement.  To reach candidates is a must for recruitment purposes. Ideally you want your job posting at the top of search engine results.  How can a recruiter or employer optimize their job postings for the search engines? Let’s use as an example a Quality Control Analyst for a Markham Pharmaceutical Company.

i) Define the geographic location well.  For example “Markham, Ontario”.

ii)   Write the job title in an explicit manner such as “Pharmaceutical Quality Control Analyst”. This string of words contains many keywords which can trigger a search engine to show and rank the job listing.

iii)    The Keywords embedded within the body of the job ad itself (i.e. analyst, laboratory, pharmaceutical etc) should reiterate the Job Title.  These keywords support and promote the title and content of the job ad, causing the job ad to rise within search engine ranks whenever a matching or related keyword string is entered by a job candidate through a search engine.

iv)     Related  secondary keywords (such as HPLC, chromatography, chemist) within the content of the job listing reinforce the title text. These words once again support and promote the title and content of the job ad, causing it to be ranked higher within search engine listings when a matching or related keyword string is entered by a job candidate.

v)      Describe the parameters of employment; if the position is full-time or part-time, salary or hourly etc.

vi)    Describe the Job Category.  Place your job under the correct category within the job bank  (i.e. “Pharmaceutical Laboratory Jobs”).  This supports both the job ad title and text within the body of the job ad.  The job category is also similar to a candidate’s search string on Google or Bing.

vii)  Use the Keyword Tags.  These are keywords (comma separated) that some search engines use to index job ads.  They are important as they tell a search engine what a job is about and where to rank it within search engine results for candidate entered search queries.

 The internet and the way candidates search for open positions is evolving.  Recruiters and employers need to optimize their job advertisements to rank on the search engines.  By doing so they can increase the number of candidates they receive for every job that is posted.  This effort makes for a more efficient and effective recruitment process.