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Rules for Posting Jobs on the Job Bank

I posted a job but you didn’t post it or it has been removed, Why?

Well there are many possibilities;

i)                    It was a sex trade job.

ii)                  The job was in poor taste or didn’t meet standards as per the Canada/Ontario’s HRPA 

iii)                You made claims or promises that seem unrealistic.

iv)                You didn’t complete your job ad fully (i.e. location).

v)                You left the job as a draft on our system.

vi)                Your Job wasn’t local to southern Ontario or even Canada.

vii)                Complaints were received about your organization or job ad.

viii)                Free job postings take up to 48 hours to be reviewed by our staff.  

Note that job posting on our site is at our discretion.  We love to post job ads, but will not post scams, questionable postings or ads in poor taste.  Please contact us if you have any questions.