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Get The Interview

How to get the Interview

One of the most important tasks to perform in the search for employment, is to get your resume to as many companies as possible.  An associate of mine recently found themselves unemployed.  They sent two hundred resumes to as many companies.  They received five interviews and and after interviews, two job offers.



Maybe you’re thinking you’re unemployable or no one will hire you.  I can guarantee they won’t hire you if they don’t have your resume.   Pepper all employers whether they have posted employment opportunities or not.  More jobs are hidden (never posted), than those that are posted.  Send your resume blindly to companies.  Once again, you can’t be hired unless the hiring company has your resume.   If you truly want a job, send out a few hundred resumes.  If that doesn’t give you the response you desire, reevaluate your resume, your suitability for the jobs you are applying to, and the companies you are applying to.  If you feel that you have everything in order on all fronts, then send out four hundred more resumes.  You should send your resume out frequently.  A company may send you a letter saying that they will keep your resume on file for six months, but my experience says this is not true.  If your resume isn’t available when they are hiring, they won’t be hiring you!

Send out custom resumes

Getting the interview

I was once asked if it is possible to send too many resumes to one company.  With most companies, they will respect your persistence. If asked by a potential employer why you sent them so many resumes, tell them that the numerous resumes were fueled by your desire to gain employment within their fine company.
What is contained in the resume and cover letter?  Well, it’s your sales pitch.  The reason why you are an ideal candidate for the position at hand.  Sell yourself with your resume to the company, then go into the interview and tell them why you are the one for the job.  Be sure not to put anything which you cannot support in your resume. A good tip is to rewrite the job ad as your resume (if you have the attributes).

Doing Well in an Employment Interview
The interview is one of the most difficult things in life to prepare for.  Many people study information about the company and the potential job.  This sort of information may help, but knowing about the company and having job specific knowledge may not be enough.  You have to read the interviewer and be who they want you to be.  Are they looking for someone friendly who will get along with fellow co-workers?
Are they looking for a technical genius?  Are they looking for a commander to steer their ship, or are they looking for a soldier to take orders and work in the trenches? When in Rome act like a Roman.  In other words, be who they want you to be. It is amazing how many people cut their own throats.

Make sure you know your resume and can support its contents.

Think before you speak. 
Job interviews generally last a few hours.  Your interviewer will never really know who you are in this short time period.  When they ask you a question they will judge you by the confidence of your response.  If you are not confident in yourself, how can anyone be confident in you. Never fidget with your hands, or use words such as “I think”, or “I don’t know”.  If you are going to be confident at any point in your life then this is the time…at the interview. Sweat on the inside not the outside. There is no shame in failing,  the only shame is in failing yourself.  Go into an interview with a negative attitude and you will certainly receive a negative result.
Go into an interview smiling, holding your head high, shake hands firmly, look them in the eye, and give answers with confidence.  Make sure your attire is business professional.  Appearance is everything.  Do your best to sell yourself!   To have a successful interview, you must close the deal and get the job.  If are not  able to close the deal, be constructive and ask yourself how you can improve your chances for your next interview.   Correct your shortcomings and get employment.

Interview Questions and Tips

You should practice answering these questions in front of a mirror, speak out loud to yourself.  Practice several times over many days and become smooth with your answers.  Always answer in a positive manner to all questions.  This is a time to sell yourself, not to show your bad attributes.  It is a good idea to be upbeat and to smile appropriately. Practice and you will succeed at the job interview!

Interview Question #1 “Tell us about yourself” – Prepare to speak for 10 minutes about yourself.  Make sure you go over your education and experience and why you are the ideal candidate for their position.

Interview Question #2 “What is you worst attribute (or worst quality)?” – Give something here which may be a positive attribute for the company at hand.  Maybe that you’ve sacrificed your family and friends in the past to complete work assignments.

Interview Question #3 “What is your best attribute (or quality)?” – This should be related to the job at hand.  Maybe it’s an IT job and you need to be a good main-frame programmer.  You better tell them that this is your best attribute. Explain and convince them that you are the person for the job!

Interview Question #4 “Have you ever had a disagreement with a co-worker? – How did you resolve this conflict?” – People make the mistake of saying that they’ve never had a conflict with a co-worker.  Truth be known,  a company wants to hear that you had a minor conflict (non-violent) and that you resolved this issue in a calm and civil manner.  You should have talked to the co-worker and tried to resolve the issue person to person.  If that didn’t work you should have progressed through the management hierarchy starting with your supervisor.  This is a hard question to answer.  Plan out your answer well.

Interview Tip “Review the job advertisement” –  Review any areas you are not up to snuff in.  They will ask you for you knowledge and experience with regards to the details contained in the job advertisement.

Interview Tip “Review your resume” – Many companies will hold your resume and go through it with you.  Be prepared to answer questions and to defend your resume.

If you get into trouble in an interview, be honest and smile.  If you become nervous and agitated you probably won’t get the job!  Many companies try to stress you out in an interview to see how you deal with stress.  Be prepared to sweat on the inside and smile on the outside.
Expect the unexpected.  Not all questions can be predicted. Think before you speak.


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