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Business Etiquette

Succeed By Doing The Right Things – Little things we do allow us to get jobs at companies, and to move up the employment ranks more quickly.

Move up by being Positive

Business Skills and Mannerisms

  • Have a happy outward disposition. Happy people get promoted more often than people with a lackluster disposition.
  • Makes friends of all, never make enemies in the workplace, it will haunt your future.
  • Never insult your boss or tell them the way it is. Be a team player and support your boss. When he moves up, you might get the chance to move up too. People generally move up through companies in groups or teams, so make lots of allies.
  • Shake hands firmly and look into their eyes.
  • Never say it can’t be done to anyone
  • Never tell your boss that you won’t do something he direct you to do.
  • If you are a man, hold doors open for women, unless they tell you otherwise.
  • Dress appropriately for work. It is always better to be overdressed than underdressed. You’ll get noticed.
  • Use deodorant, and if female use only an appropriate amount of perfume and make-up.
  • Shave, and be clean.
  • Hide tattoos and piercings
  • Join the social club at work, this will allow you to mingle with all sorts of people across your company. Networking in a social club is easier than elsewhere.
  • Control your mannerisms at work. If in a meeting, act calm, sweat on the inside. Definitely don’t swing your hands around wildly or pace. Control how you speak; speak positively, softly and authoritatively.